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Construction Drying - Brooklyn Heights, OH

Construction Drying

For even the largest construction projects, Mobile DRi provides solutions that help a business save both time and money. Where there's a way to keep ahead of schedule, there's an opportunity to outperform expectations and come out on top. With a fleet of drying equipment that includes rental desiccant dehumidifiers, LGR dehumidifiers, air movers, and negative air machines, Mobile DRi can help a business quickly dry a number of construction materials. Whether it's drywall mud, paint, wood, or more, we can provide the best ambient air conditions for a business' goals and timeline.

While many aspects of a construction project can be performed more quickly through efficient procedures and time-saving equipment, you simply can't force concrete to dry any faster than it normally can. Even under the best conditions, a slab of concrete can take several weeks per inch of thickness to adequately dry. Therefore, providing the best conditions for quicker drying is crucial for saving both time and money during a construction project.

Skilled proportioning of a concrete mixture can help avoid any drying delays, but a business' best bet for speedy concrete drying is to consistently provide ideal humidity and temperature conditions for the air surrounding the drying slabs. With a partner like Mobile DRi, it's easy to obtain a rental concrete drying solution that's both affordable and effective. Through the use of air movers for circulation, dehumidifiers for moisture removal, and even generators to power the solution at a remote site, Mobile DRi can provide a drying solution that will keep a project ahead of schedule, and save enough money that the cost of the solution will pay for itself.

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