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Rental Heaters

Winter may be an exciting time for many, but extreme cold is no joke when it comes to factors like worker productivity, specialized drying processes, temperature sensitive equipment, and even the safety of a business' employees. That's why rental heaters are an asset for many business owners, project managers, and facility managers alike. Purchasing a heater may seem like the best option, but it's often better for your operations to choose a rental partner to provide your business with a temporary heating solution. Beyond the advantage of having custom solutions designed each and every time to meet your specific needs, Mobile DRi provides a vast range of rental heaters that can serve any application.

  • Direct Fired Heaters

    If the most important part of a heating solution is efficiency, nothing beats direct-fired heater rentals. Mobile DRi' direct-fired heaters range from 150,000 to 4 million BTUs per hour and accept multiple fuel types. Due to the direct contact between processed air and the unit's burner, a direct-fired heater is extremely efficient and utilizes almost all the energy coming from fuel combustion. If combustion byproducts are not a concern, the high-efficiency heating of direct-fired units makes them ideal for warehouse heating, construction heating, and for use in other unoccupied spaces.

    Mobile DRi offers both re-circulating style heaters and make-up air heaters, which provides partners with varying options for their rental heat solution. While re-circulating style units provide excellent portable heating for construction and other applications where there is ample ventilation, make-up air heaters are ideal for solutions that require evenly distributed heat and low humidity levels.

  • Indirect Fired Heaters

    Although direct-fired heaters are highly efficient and are often straightforward to use, they also add combustion byproducts to the processed air. For rental heating solutions that require clean, safe air, DRI also offers indirect-fired heater rentals. These heaters are still excellent for use in many temporary heating applications, such as warehouse and construction indirect heating. In fact, since combustion occurs in a heat exchanger that is sealed from the processed air, the dry heat provided by our rental indirect-fired heaters is advantageous in almost every circumstance.

    The clean processed air created by indirect-fired units is ideal for emergency heating in occupied spaces, specialized drying solutions, and countless other applications. Mobile DRi offers rental indirect-fired heaters ranging from 400,000 to 4.2 million BTUs per hour, meaning that we have the equipment to heat both small and large spaces. Between the array of indirect-fired heater rentals and DRI's full turnkey services, temporary heating solutions have never been easier to arrange.

  • Electric Heaters

    Fuel isn't always readily available, nor is it always a desirable factor in a temporary heating solution. For the jobs that require simple, portable, and combustion-free equipment, Mobile DRi offers rental electric heaters. These units work by passing electricity through a resistive element, in turn generating heat from the electric current. The result is clean air without producing exhaust that needs to be ventilated outside. With units up to 100,000 BTU/hr, our rental electric heaters are excellent options for applications such as occupied spaces, jobs where a source of electricity is easier to arrange than a source of fuel, or jobs where frequent monitoring of equipment and fuel levels isn't practical.

  • Miscellaneous Heaters

    For most typical applications, our direct-fired, indirect-fired, and electric heaters are the best units for the job. However, some circumstances arise where alternatives are either preferable or downright necessary. Mobile DRi carries a wide variety of rental heater types beyond the standard offerings. Our steam and hot water heaters can reliably provide heat when heated water is conveniently available, and flameless heaters are perfect for jobs where hazards like flammable gases are too much of a risk. Beyond that, DRI also has several variations of our fired units, such as self-contained units that use a generator to supply the electric load needed for the heater.

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