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Structural Drying - Brooklyn Heights, OH

Structural Drying

At times, ensuring that a building is properly dry in a timely and cost-effective manner is much like an art. When a business partners up with Mobile DRi, however, the result of our methodical design and execution of a drying solution will seem like something on par with magic. When preventing the future growth of microbial life such as mold is a significant issue, choosing the right rental drying solution is critical for ensuring proper moisture conditions. Remediation and rework are already costly as is, so anything that can avoid future issues with mold or poor material quality is invaluable for a business.

Mobile DRi's experience in providing rental drying equipment and solutions has given us intricate knowledge of structural drying needs. We understand the importance of designing a solution that accounts for everything. From the absorption rates of different materials to the temperature conditions that best suit the drying process, Mobile DRi leaves no stone unturned when helping a business dry a building's structural material.

Know-how and expertise are critical assets to efficient and cost-effective structural drying, but they only go as far as equipment availability allows them to. That's why our fleet of equipment includes everything a business needs to get all parts of its structure properly dry. This includes rental air movers, negative air machines, desiccant dehumidifiers, and LGR dehumidifiers. And when the drying needs to be done while utility power is out, our rental generators and power distribution accessories will keep the job going.

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